Interaction in urban lifestyle
Designing a new residential area means redefining the interaction within public and private social habits. Our project tries to relate and interpret the needs of a dynamic community providing interactive social spaces.? The adaptation of the urban space to everyday's multiple scenarios of contemporary life is a fundamental characteristic to be taken into account when developing paradigms and processes. These evolve in the flexible definition of a stratification of layers of uses and functions which urban space itself absolves for the interaction of people occurring at different times and in different ways. These patterns of behaviors cannot be re-defined and are regulated by the combination of multiple differentiated factors (social, cultural, environmental).
The project perceives a mixture of functions such as offices, small commercial activities, recreational parks, public gardens, in order to invert the relations between the inside and the outside of the urban space which affects community life in extreme weather conditions.

project: Espoo Valopattern
place: Espoo, Finland
team: f. pedrini, a. scarponi, b. galassi
program: masterplan, competition
status: settled
year: 2003

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The extreme geographical and climate conditions of Finland strongly affect the behavior of its population.?The extreme low temperatures and the lack of light during the winter opposed to the lush of sun hours during the summer time, drives the Finnish pop