I am an architect and urban designer. I got a top grades master in Architecture and Urban design from Venice’s IUAV presenting a research project on shrinking cities (under P. Viganò, B. Secchi and I. A. Wolff). Following this project, together with Alessandra Pepe, Patrizia Montefalcone and Sivlia Sandor, we founded PoSH, a group under whose name we still publish research and articles about Shringking Cities.
After a few collaborations in Italy, including Enrico Iascone, I have been working abroad since 2007.
In the end of 2007 I became associate at JDS Architects first in Copenhagen and then in Brussels. Here I followed and lead a variety of projects and researches, exploring pragmatic utopia and new urban concepts, investigating multiple scales and programs. Given my background and attitude I focused on innovative approaches and tackled a vast variety of projects, from programmatic vertical city to towers innovations, from hybrid typologies for suburbs and sprawl, to the exploration of public space in houses, museum and theatres. I had the opportunity to manage multidisciplinary teams to conceive strategies for future sustainable cities in the Netherlands, designed a masterplan for the EU commission and dealt with vast waterfront masterplans. My work has been published and exhibited in various sites (Shenzhen, Venice Biennale, Paris). I lectured in Genova, Leipzig, Copenhagen, Ljubljana and was invited to Critics in various european universities.
Besides my professional work I developed side projects collaborating often with Antonio Scarponi and Stefano Massa since 2002. Together we designed the “Dreaming Wall” a public installation conceived as a device for visual networking, which had been exhibited in Venice, Stockholm, Luzern and Turin. In 2007, together with Andy Vann and Alexandros Geroussis, I co-founded Our-Office a design think tank split between Greece, the US and Benelux.
In 2010 I left JDS architects to follow more personal projects and I started a collaboration at xdga in Brussels. download CV pdf