10- XDGA Brussels
07-10 JDS Brussels, Associate Architect (see major projects)
07 JDS Architects, Copenhagen
07 Partner with JDS for MDM
07 Our-Office founded
07 Registered Architect, Albo degli Architetti di Bologna, reg. n° 3536
07 Qualified Architect
06 Enrico Iascone Architetti, Bologna
01-02 BEZA


09 Liege School of Architecture, Guest Critic, Liege
09 Liege School of Architecture, Cuest Lecturer, Liege, Belgium
07 Guest lecturer, II Congress of Slovenian Architects, Ljublijana, Slovenja.
Guest lecturer, IFHP - Future of Cities - Impacts, Indicators, Implementation. Copenhagen, Denmark.
05 Guest lecturer, ReUrbanMobile - mobilizing re-urbanisation on condition of demographic change. Leipzig, Germany.
05 Guest lecturer, Università degli studi di Genova. Genova, Italy.


05 Laurea in Architettura with top grades. IUAV, Venice, Italy.
03 Indesem 2003 at TU Delft (Netherlands).
97-05 Master in architectur at IUAV, Venice, Italy
97 High School Diploma, Liceo Classico L. Galvani, Bologna.


07 Dreaming wall, art,
Turin, Negozio,
Stockholm Studio 44,
Venice, Galleria Candiani
03 Indesem Project presented to the 1° Rotterdam Biennial


10 Aqualta for “Moleskine”
10 “Shrink Positive” bypass magazine
09 “Self-Fab”, Actar
09 Agenda, Actar
08 “Ultrarchitettura”, Zeno, n. 135.
03 Indesem Publication 2003
03 Quaderns


10 RIO, Marina Da Gloria, Rio de Janeiro
10 AIR, Geneva Masterplan
08 PUN, Pungool Masterplan
09 GRONINGEN, Masterplan
08 RUE DE LA LOI, Masterplan
08 SUNDSVALL, Theater
08 AMA, Housing and Offices
08 RIMINI WATERFRONT, Waterfront urban design renovation
07 LJUBLJIANA, tribunal
07 CAL, Cultiral Center in Rome
07 DIOCESAN MUSEUM, Museum extension in Milan
07 M6B1, Paris, @JDS
07 City Camping, Self-FAB Housing, Barcelona
06 BRIDGE, Venice, @Enrico Iascone,
05 BIO-LOW, research laboratories, renovation, Vittorio Veneto
04 POD-HOUSES, housing, Barcelona. Published in Quaderns
04 DREAMING WALL, art, Milan
03 ESPOO VALOPATTERN, urban design, Europan 7, Espoo
03 Fast forward, a driving perception, Indesem 2003, Rotterdam


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