A vertical Public Space.
Dreamingwall is a traveling exhbition and a virtual crowd.

The Wall is seen as a tool of cultural, simultaneous, and random collective communication, creating a visual buzz. As a public digital billboard, the wall surface at night randomly displays text messages sent by people standing on the square or from anywhere else in the world through the Internet. The messages are generated in real time by a chemical reaction between a computer controlled UV laser projection and phosphorescent panels on the wall. This releases the text provoked by the UV light, which is actually invisible. A message would last fifteen minutes before being re-absorbed by the wall. Its constant transience metaphorically suggests the sub consciousness of a city asleep.

Dreamingwall has been exhibited in Venice, Stokholm and Turin.

project: Dreamingwall
place: Various
team: f. pedrini, a. scarponi, s. massa
program: exhibition, urban device
status: on-going
year: 2004-present

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The Dreaming Wall is a project for a blank wall in an historical square of Milan, originally submitted for a competition promoted by Diesel.